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What is a Priest?Seamus McEntee ordination

Every priest is called by God to a special intimacy with Christ whom he serves through the particular tasks entrusted to him.  Called to build up the community of faith, he draws people together in Christ enabling them to use their gifts in the service of one another.

A diocesan priest exercises his ministry at the service of the Bishop to whom he promises obedience and under whose direction he exercises his ministry.  Ordinarily his life will be one of proclaiming God’s Word, celebrating the Sacraments, visiting the sick at home and in hospital, visiting schools, burying the dead, and serving the people of God, of which he himself is a member.

The life of a diocesan priest is challenging but ultimately very fulfilling, very rewarding.  For the diocesan priest no two days are the same.  Yes there are aspects of his day to day life that are similar e.g. celebration of the Eucharist, but each new day brings with it new experiences, new encounters with people but most importantly new encounters with God.  The diocesan priest through his ministry witnesses to the presence of Christ in the world of everyday things.  The diocesan priest is in essence the signpost to God.  His life is testimony to the presence of God who will not leave His flock unattended.