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Children’s Easter Pilgrimage

The DDCPL takes a group of children with special needs on a six-day pilgrimage to Lourdes every year at Easter. The children are cared for by volunteers chosen and trained for the purpose, who get to know the children before they travel and meet them again at a reunion.

The DDCPL aims to provide these children, many of whom experience considerable adversities in their lives, with the opportunity to have fun, excitement and adventure in a safe and caring environment. While in Lourdes the children, along with the adult volunteers, participate in all
the activities associated with a pilgrimage, including prayer and participation in the sacraments.

Click here to view the DDCPL Safeguarding and Protection Policy.

September Pilgrimage

Please view the Helper Registration page for further information about the Pilgrimage and how to volunteer.

Click here to view the Diocesan Child Protection Policy.

Click here to view the Diocesan Adult Safeguarding Policy.