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Archbishop’s Office

Director of the Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes Fr Martin Noone, Director of the Office of Mission & Ministry Patricia Carroll, Moderator of the Diocesan Curia Fr Gareth Byrne and Archbishop Farrell’s Personal Assistant Mary Irwin

Archbishop’s House, Drumcondra Road Lower, Dublin 9, D09 H4C2

The Archbishop’s Office supports Archbishop Farrell in his daily work at the service of the Archdiocese. The Archbishop’s PA, Mary Irwin, seeks to create a welcome for all those working with and seeking to be in touch with the Archbishop. This includes keeping the Archbishop’s diary and making new appointments for him; preparing for various meetings of diocesan committees in Archbishop’s House; facilitating meetings with priests and other pastoral leaders in the Archdiocese; welcoming visiting bishops, members of the diplomatic corps and others; and providing administrative support and filing.

Mary Irwin, Personal Assistant



Archbishop’s House, Drumcondra Road Lower, Dublin 9, D09 H4C2

The Chancellery is the office that deals mainly, though not exclusively, with canon law matters. It serves as a resource to give advice on canonical issues to the Archbishop and his staff as well as priests, diocesan agencies and parishes.

The Chancellery provides the following services in the Archdiocese and to parishes:
● Matters which relate to the sacraments – particularly marriage. This involves the processing of documentation for marriages abroad; applications for dispensations and permissions such as mixed marriage; people wishing to marry who have had an annulment; and those who have been previously married in a civil ceremony.
● Advice on changing parish registers; adoption queries; processing the granting of faculties for priests; registration of solemnisers for marriage; laicisations of clergy; and matters relating to the Archdiocese and parishes as juridical persons.

Fr Paul Coyle, Chancellor / 01 8087510

Ewelina Kluczniok, Secretary / 01 8087513


Office of the Moderator

John Langton, Felix McKenna and Íde Finnegan of the Office of the Moderator

20-23 Arran Quay, Dublin 7, D07 XK85

The Moderator of the Diocesan Curia oversees the Diocesan Offices on behalf of the Archbishop, seeking to provide a unified support to the clergy, people, parishes, and schools of the Archdiocese.

The Financial Administrator and Head of Operations ensures the appropriate administration of the assets of the Archdiocese and day to day support in the running of diocesan services.

The office provides guidance regarding employment and HR; property management and building projects; and governance and legal matters.

The Building Hope pastoral strategy initiative, planning for the future pastoral development of the Archdiocese, is also supported through the Office of the Moderator. A strategic approach to property and other assets is now being put in place in conversation with parishes.

The Moderator’s Office periodically issues Administrative Guidelines for Parishes and provides for Heads of Office meetings and for integration between the variety of services offered through the Diocesan Offices. On behalf of the Archbishop, it also facilitates elections to the Council of Priests, and of Vicars Forane, and co-ordinates representation on a variety of diocesan committees.

It undertakes an annual compilation of statistics for the Archdiocese, which are then sent to Rome.

Fr Gareth Byrne, Moderator of the Diocesan Curia / 01 8087559

Íde Finnegan, Financial Administrator and Head of Operations / 01 8087545

Willie Cotter, IT and Project Consultant / 01 8087548

Margaret Doherty, Administrator / 01 8087571

Emma Hynes, Compliance Co-ordinator / 01 8087584

Felix McKenna, Asset Manager / 01 8087533

Cintia Mota, HR Administrator / 01 8087572

Róisín Nic Cóil, Technical Project Manager, Property / 01 8087538

Patrick Nelson, Diocesan Solicitor / 01 8087583

Ciara Ryan, Property Administrator / 01 8087547

Orla O’Grady Walshe, Co-ordinator of the Building Hope Project / 01 8087566


Office of Mission & Ministry

St Paul’s Church on Arran Quay, home of the Office of Mission & Ministry

St Paul’s Church, 19 Arran Quay, Dublin 7, D07 KX66

The purpose of the Office of Mission & Ministry is to support and resource faith development in every community of the Archdiocese so that each person can actively participate in the life of their parish. We do this by accompanying teams and individuals, offering continuous training and formation opportunities. These include training of Parish Pastoral Councils, adult faith formation, liturgical resourcing, developing youth and young adult leadership and supporting the development of voluntary ministries. We open ourselves to the challenge and opportunities provided by change, working alongside each other to effect renewal. We strive to ground all we do in the mission and ministry of Jesus.

Patricia Carroll, Director / 01 8087535

Fr Pat O’Donoghue, Diocesan Liturgical Resources / 01 8087554

Angela McGarry, Administrator / 01 8087537

Natalie Doherty, Faith Development Co-ordinator for Youth and Young Adult Ministries / 01 8087534

Peter Siney, Faith Development Co-ordinator for Adult Faith and Pastoral Councils / 01 8087536

Kirsten Mahon, Faith Development Worker, Donaghmede/Edenmore

Parish Pastoral Workers:

Saule Cameron, Clondalkin Grouping

Natasha Curran, Athy

Áine Egan, Celbridge/Straffan

Siobhán Gormally, Balbriggan

Conor McCann, Narraghmore/Crookstown/Moone

Christopher Okereke, Finglas Parishes


Finance Secretariat

20-23 Arran Quay, Dublin 7, D07 XK85

The Finance Secretariat provides financial advice and support to parishes. Advice is provided in the areas of banking arrangements, financial controls and obligations under the Charities Act, for example. All parishes of the Archdiocese are audited and reported collectively under the parishes trust. The secretariat provides accounting and secretarial functions to the diocesan trust and the St Laurence O’Toole Trust.

The secretariat provides an administration service in relation to salaries and other benefits for diocesan employees. It processes the monthly payments to active and retired priests, payments of expenses such as supplier invoices, insurance premiums and payments to the beneficiaries of the restricted funds. The secretariat is responsible for the production of accounts, budgets and statutory filings for the two diocesan trusts. The annual financial statements contain detailed comprehensive financial information on the Archdiocese and its parishes.

Other services provided by the secretariat include the administration of weekly collections; the provision of pastoral management and accounting systems; advice on procedures and financial management; the provision of training; and a bookkeeping service for some parishes.

Keava Lyons, Financial Controller / 01 8087541

Joe Garrett, Parish Lead Accountant / 01 8087543

Andrew Burke, Parish Accountant / 01 8087539

Gerard Callaghan, Parish Accountant / 01 8087521

Jackie Hayden, Helpdesk Support and Parish Bookkeeper / 01 8087546

Marcela Sapteboi, Accounts Assistant / 01 8087590

Cora Wilson, Trainer


Communications Office

20-23 Arran Quay, Dublin 7, D07 XK85

The Communications Office works with the Archbishop and the other Dublin Diocesan Offices on communications, media and public relations matters, as well as providing support to parishes.

The internal aspect of the Communications Office’s work involves facilitating the flow of information between parishes and the Diocesan Offices. This includes compiling the weekly parish notices, the preparation and design of various resources including documents and videos, notifying the diocesan family of important news, and supporting parishes and the staff of the Diocesan Offices with media and public relations queries.

External communications involves interfacing with the public and the media on matters relating to the Archdiocese. This includes maintaining the Archdiocese’s web and social media presence, receiving queries from media outlets and issuing relevant press releases.

Peter Henry, Communications Officer / 01 8087523


Office for Religious & Office for Extern Priests

Archbishop’s House, Drumcondra Road Lower, Dublin 9, D09 H4C2

The Office for Religious provides support through administrative and canonical services for the different forms of consecrated life in the Archdiocese – religious men and women, monastic life, as well as assisting members of secular Institutes and the Order of Consecrated Virgins.

The Office for Extern Priests provides administrative and pastoral assistance and advice in respect of priests coming to the Archdiocese from abroad who wish to study or exercise some form of ministry for a determined or short period of time.

Mgr John Dolan, Vicar for Religious and Episcopal Delegate for Extern Priests / 01 8087506

Noeleen Rooney, Administrator / 01 8087505


Education Secretariat

51 Home Farm Road, Drumcondra, Dublin 9, D09 W5W4

The Education Secretariat provides support and advisory service to boards of management of schools; liaison with the Department of Education and Skills. Training of Boards of Management of primary schools; promotion and monitoring of religious education at primary and post-primary level; in-service training in the teaching of religious education for principals and teachers; and the provision of resources to schools.

The Education Secretariat assists the boards of management of 450 Catholic primary schools, in all governance issues. Staff liaise with the trustees of the 110 Catholic post-primary schools and 71 other post-primary schools run by different trustees. Advice is given to principals and chairpersons in managing schools and the various issues that arise for school communities. There are ongoing primary and post-primary diocesan advisor visits, in-service support and resource provision supporting teachers in their religious education work.

The staff of the Education Secretariat. Back: Sister Concepta Foley, Cathy Burke (on secondment to the Education Secretariat), Sister Anne Neylon, Beatrice Reilly and Sister Maureen Matthews. Front: Declan Lawlor, Karen Brady, Sister Bernadette Carron and Mgr Dan O’Connor

Mgr Dan O’Connor, Episcopal Vicar for Education / 01 8087528

Karen Brady, Administrator / 01 8087587

Declan Lawlor, Senior Education Specialist / 01 8087530

Beatrice Reilly, Administrator / 01 8087529

Sister Maureen Matthews, Diocesan Advisor for Primary Schools / 01 8087531

Sister Anne Neylon, Diocesan Advisor for Primary Schools / 01 8087526

Sister Bernadette Carron, Diocesan Advisor for Post-Primary Schools / 01 8087532

Sister Concepta Foley, Diocesan Advisor for Post-Primary Schools / 01 8087525


Office for Financial Development

20-23 Arran Quay, Dublin 7, D07 XK85

The Office for Financial Development works closely with parishes to assist them in best practice around fundraising and viable methods of fundraising. The office takes an active role, engaging with the Archbishop, the Moderator, the Financial Administrator and the Finance Secretariat.

The office continues to work closely with many parishes. The initiatives it works on include improving the tax back from government; online giving and the roll-out of Tap & Go; improving income; working with the Gubay Foundation on grants for parish projects; delivering presentations to parishes; and meetings of newly appointed parish priests.

The office supports strategic pastoral planning in the Archdiocese by creating funds to support the mission of the Church in the Archdiocese of Dublin both at a diocesan and parish level.

Fr Andrew O’Sullivan, Episcopal Vicar for Financial Development

Jennifer Nolan, Director of Financial Development /  01 8087524

Patricia Clifford, Funding Development Officer / 01 8087527


Dublin Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes

51 Home Farm Road, Drumcondra, Dublin 9, D09 W5W4

The September pilgrimage is one of the biggest events in the diocesan calendar and is led by the Archbishop. No other diocesan event brings more people together each year. It is a reflection of the great Irish tradition of devotion to Our Blessed Lady. In fact, the Irish have the largest presence in Lourdes, per head of population compared to any other nation.

Approximately 2,000 pilgrims travel to Lourdes from all over the Archdiocese. Of these, 180 are sick pilgrims staying at the Accueil Notre Dame, which is ‘a place of welcome’ close to the Grotto with many of the facilities of a modern hospital. Another 650 of the pilgrims are voluntary helpers, made up of nurses and doctors, male and female helpers, known as handmaids and brancardiers, a team of chaplains and the Dublin Lourdes Choir. A further 300 young people assist as well in the care of the sick pilgrims and many of these are from secondary schools and colleges from around the Archdiocese. Parish groups and individuals from every corner of the Archdiocese comprise the remainder of the pilgrimage.

The Children’s Pilgrimage is a much smaller group, but a very important one, as it joins with thousands of other child pilgrims from all over the world each Easter Week. Approximately 30 children travel from Dublin, assisted by the same number of helpers and a team of chaplains, doctors and nurses.

The services that the pilgrimage office provides include:
● Organising of all administration and financial controls for both of our pilgrimages
● Application and medical assessment of places for all sick pilgrims intending to travel
● Liaison with the various voluntary committees who assist with the pilgrimages
● Liaison with the Lourdes authorities, travel agents, Dublin Airport and parishes
● Training and vetting of all volunteers
● Involvement of VFs in sending annual fundraising material – known as the associate membership
● Making information, liturgies and handbooks available to individual parishes organising a pilgrimage
● Contacts of a pastoral nature by phone or in person from former sick and older pilgrims

Fr Martin Noone, Pilgrimage Director / 01 8087556

Canon John Flaherty, Assistant Director


Office of the Permanent Diaconate

20-23 Arran Quay, Dublin 7, D07 XK85

The Office of the Permanent Diaconate was set up in 2007 and the formation programme began in September 2008. The first permanent deacons were ordained in June 2012. Since then, 34 deacons have been ordained. The office has two functions: the care and support of deacons (active and retired) and their families in the Archdiocese, and the selection, preparation and training of applicants for diaconal ministry. The permanent diaconate is open to all men, married and single, over the age of 35 who have displayed a passion for service in the church. The maximum age for ordination is 63. Those coming forward are offered a one-year programme of discernment for the applicant and their families, followed by a three-year formation programme consisting of an academic course combined with parish training.

Fr John Gilligan, Director of the Permanent Diaconate

Deacon Thomas Groves, Director of Diaconal Formation / 01 8087561

Deacon Michael Giblin, Assistant Director of Diaconal Formation


Office of Clergy

Archbishop’s House, Drumcondra Road Lower, Dublin 9, D09 H4C2

The Office of Clergy assists the Archbishop in providing resources and services for the care and support of priests and deacons. The office co-ordinates workshops, days of reflection, retreats and annual gatherings. It provides ongoing formation for priests and deacons. The office assists with arrangements for priests who wish to go on sabbatical or attend seminars outside the Archdiocese. It provides care and support for the health, well-being and retirement of priests. Its staff assist in mediating stressful relationships among priests if issues arise. The office arranges accommodation for ill and retired priests. It assists the Archbishop in matters relating to priests’ assignments, welfare and spiritual development.

Mgr Eoin Thynne, Vicar for Clergy / 01 8087519

Fr Paddy Boyle, Pastoral Responsibility for Sick and Senior Priests / 01 8087522

Michelle Lynch, Healthcare Co-ordinator


Child Safeguarding & Protection Service

20-23 Arran Quay, Dublin 7, D07 XK85

The Child Safeguarding & Protection Service has three primary functions: creating and maintaining safe environments for children and vulnerable adults who participate in church activities; providing support to those who experienced abuse in a church context, and to their families; the management of child and vulnerable adult protection concerns to ensure that they are dealt with in accordance with legislation and national and church policy and guidelines.

It provides the following services to parishes:
● Advice and support to clerics and other parish workers to whom disclosures of abuse are made, including reporting such disclosures to the civil authorities on their behalf
● Advice and support to parishes where allegations are made against employees or volunteers
● The vetting of parish staff and volunteers
● The provision of safeguarding training for priests, staff members and volunteers
● Providing advice and support to parishes in relation to all aspects of safeguarding practice
● Audits of safeguarding practice in parishes to assist in the implementation of diocesan policy
● Written guides to assist key parish personnel understand and implement their responsibilities in relation to safeguarding and child and vulnerable adult protection.

Fr Richard Shannon works with the Child Safeguarding & Protection Service as Priest Delegate.

Child Safeguarding & Protection Service staff members Katherine Ward, Deirdre Donnelly, Andrew Fagan, Garry Kehoe and Vivienne Knight

Andrew Fagan, Director / 01 8087585

Deirdre Donnelly, Safeguarding and Support Officer / 01 8087586

Garry Kehoe, Training and Compliance Manager / 01 8087581

Vivienne Knight, Garda Vetting Co-ordinator / 01 8087588

Katherine Ward, Administrator / 01 8087582


Dublin Diocesan Archives

204-206 Clonliffe Road, Dublin 3, D03 PD86

Church archives are places of memory of the Christian community. The Dublin Diocesan Archives is home to the administrative records of the Archdiocese from the late 15th century to the present day. The collections of Archbishop Carpenter (1770-1786) up to and including Archbishop McQuaid (1940-1972) are open to the public for research purposes. Work has recently started on cataloguing the papers of Archbishop Dermot Ryan (1972-1984).

The archives have many deposited collections which have some association with the Catholic Church including the Catholic Association, the Catholic University of Ireland (now UCD), World War I chaplain Fr Francis Gleeson and the O’Brien Institute, to name but a few.

In terms of genealogy and family history, the archives is home to five different collections of parish registers. These include registers for St Paul’s, Arran Quay; St Michan’s, Halston Street; Ss Michael & John’s, Lower Exchange Street; St Catherine’s, Meath Street; and St Audoen’s, High Street.

The archives provides services to the Diocesan Offices, to parishes and to the wider community. Approximately 2,000 bona fide researchers from all over the world use the archives annually.

Outreach is a significant part of our work. This takes the form of exhibitions, open days, involvement in seminars and workshops, and publishing articles for local and professional journals and newsletters.

The archives advices on all aspects of records management and Data Protection issues for the Diocesan Offices and parishes.

Peter Sobolewski and Sister Vivienne Keely are volunteering in the archives.

Noelle Dowling, Diocesan Archivist and Data Protection Officer / 01 8087509


Office of Vocations

20-23 Arran Quay, Dublin 7, D07 XK85

The Office of Vocations encourages and promotes vocations to the priesthood in the Archdiocese. The office provides potential candidates for the priesthood with the opportunity to explore their vocation and facilitates those who feel called to priesthood in their application.
The office encourages anyone who feels called to the priesthood to contact them to discuss their own unique vocation.

Fr Séamus McEntee, Vocations Director

Fr Bill O’Shaughnessy, Assistant Vocations Director


Dublin Interdiocesan Marriage Tribunal & Dublin Metropolitan Tribunal

14A Berkeley Street, Phibsboro, Dublin 7, D07 XRT1

The Dublin Interdiocesan Marriage Tribunal adjudicates on all marriage cases at first instance presented by the faithful of the Archdiocese of Dublin as well as the dioceses of Ferns, Kildare & Leighlin, Meath and Ossory.

The Dublin Metropolitan Tribunal adjudicates in all other canonical trials of the Archdiocese of Dublin that are not treated by the Marriage Tribunal.

The Dublin Interdiocesan Marriage Tribunal and Dublin Metropolitan Tribunal office can be contacted by email at, by phone at 01 9123939, or at the above address.

Fr Paul Churchill, Judicial Vicar
Fr William Richardson, Promoter of Justice
Jane O’Donoghue, Staff Member


Download the print-friendly 16-page Guide to the Dublin Diocesan Offices (May 2024) here