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Follow MeSeamus McEntee ordination

Christ’s call to those whom he chooses to be priests is usually experienced as a growing conviction or desire to give one’s life to God.  We do not so much hear a voice calling us.  Rather, the Holy Spirit awakens within our souls an enthusiasm for the things of God, enkindling a desire to serve Christ and to express his love in the evangelisation of the world.

Sometimes the call may be experienced as a particular challenge from the Christian community: “So, what are you going to do?” or ‘you would make a good priest’, or may come to us at a specific moment perhaps at Mass, in a prayer group, during a pilgrimage, or in our time of silent prayer.  For many, the question itself, “is Christ calling me to follow him?” may be the first intimation that they are called to priesthood.

Ultimately who God calls to be His priest, why one person thinks about priesthood and another doesn’t is a mystery.  However if a person does consider priesthood then that idea must have been planted in his heart and mind by God.  God is the one who calls.  Why he might call you is a mystery.  You may look around you and see people who seem more gifted, holier, more capable and wonder why has God not chosen them?  God chooses the weak and makes them strong.  If you are asking yourself the question: ‘Why me?’ try asking another question: ‘Why not me?’