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Do You Feel Called?priests being ordained

Precisely because Christ’s call isn’t experienced as a voice, we should always act on the intimations we receive.  First of all we should talk to a priest.

Don’t be put off!  You could talk to a priest in your parish or, if you prefer, to one of the priests appointed by the Archbishop to advise and help you discern your vocation.  This is important because not all priests have the same vocation.

Some live in community as a member of a Religious Order, bound by the evangelical counsels of poverty, chastity and obedience.  Others spend their lives working overseas as members of missionary congregations.

A diocesan priest lives his priesthood through serving the needs of the local Church as a co-worker with his Bishop, committing himself to the service of the Church through his service to the diocese.

For a diocesan priest his community is his parish.  Whatever parish he is asked to minister to becomes his home, his family, his brothers and sisters.  The diocesan priest is welcomed into the family of the parish.  He is at one with them.