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If you think you may have a vocation to the priesthood you should definitely follow it up.  Pope John Paul II urged young people who experience the call to priesthood to respond “with the boundless generosity of youth”.  He challenged young people to take their place in the Church:

“however imperfect it remains… Bring to it,” he said, “your idealism, your enthusiasm.  Contribute to the expression of faith and prayer with your poetic gift and your desire to commit yourself”.

Pope John Paul II

We never know whom God will call, or when that call will come.  The important thing is our response.  If you have thoughts about the priesthood, talk to a priest.  He will know from direct experience how to answer any questions you may have.  You have nothing to lose, and a great deal to gain!  The only answer really worth giving to the question of ‘Why me? is ‘Why not me?’

To Speak Confidentially With a Priest:

A person may feel fearful of approaching their local priest or the Vocations Director.  It is a big step to take, but not one that puts the person under any obligation.  Meeting with the vocations director is always in confidence.

The role of the vocations director is purely to journey with a person over a period of time in discernment, and to provide whatever supports the person needs to discover whether priesthood is for them or not.  One thing is for sure; if you are being called by God to priesthood, that feeling of being called won’t go away!  Why not contact the vocations director and talk about your journey?