2017 Annual Report & Financial Statements

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Share Sunday Financial Statements

&  Annual Report


Today, Share Sunday, we publish Financial Information relating to the Archdiocese of Dublin. Share Sunday is when support is sought and parishioners are reminded of the work made possible by their donations to the second collection at Masses. The following newsletter was distributed in Churches today with information specific to  Share.

Share Newsletter


Please also take the time to view our Annual Report for 2017 looking at the activity that is taking place in our parishes and the support provided to parishes by Diocesan Support Services. Also included in this report is  statistical updates on the work of our Child Safeguarding and Protection Service, which in previous years were published separately.

Archdiocese of Dublin Annual Report 2017


Financial Statements

The Archdiocese of Dublin files two financial reports annually with the Charities Regulatory Authority.

The first financial report of the “Charities of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Dublin”   comprises the financial statements of the Diocesan Support Services and a number of other charitable funds administered by the diocese.

Charities of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Dublin Financial Report 2017

The second financial report  represents the combined financial overview of the “Parishes of the Diocese of Dublin”.   This Charity comprises the financial statements of the Combined 199 Parishes, the Share Fund, the Common Fund and the Clerical Fund.  There are 199 parishes in the Diocese. The assets and liabilities of a parish belong to the parish, not to the bishop or to the parishes collectively.   Parishes are established and operate according to the provisions of the Code of Canon Law which gives each parish separate canonical status, rights and obligations

Parishes of the Diocese of Dublin Financial Report 2017


Note regarding   Religious Order Parishes

There are eight parishes listed in the financial statements excluded from the Combined Parish Accounts.  The physical assets such as churches in these parishes are managed by the relevant religious order and these orders also have their own charitable registration with the Charities Regulatory Authority. The Religious Orders will complete their own reporting for the Charities Regulatory Authority.