Dublin Parishes to reflect on Church renewal after World Meeting of Families

Dublin Parishes to reflect on Church renewal after World Meeting of Families

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Press release September 3rd

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin asks parishes to reflect on
the renewal of the Church after the World Meeting of Families


Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has asked each parish in the Archdiocese of Dublin to carry out a preliminary consultation on how to proceed with Church renewal after the World Meeting of Families.

Speaking at Mass in Dublin’s Pro-Cathedral yesterday, Archbishop Martin noted that what was involved was not a political style consultation, but a call to each believer and faith community radically to interiorise what the challenge of faith in Jesus entails in our contemporary culture.

Archbishop Martin said each parish and parish community can find its own path of reflection, with the help of the Parish Pastoral Council.  “The idea is to gather as wide a variety of ideas as possible and not simply repeat the ideas of one or other group and so begin to set out a realistic agenda for renewal of the Church in the years to come,” he said.

The Archbishop stressed the importance of addressing questions about faith.  “Why are we no longer captivating so many of our young people for the message of Jesus Christ?   Which models of pastoral activity and reflection are most likely to win the hearts of young people for the message of Jesus?  How do we teach young people about prayer?  How can our parishes respond to these challenges?  Which aspects of our dominant culture make it harder for people to understand the message of Jesus?  I am thinking, for example, about a widespread individualism that invades everything from personal life to our economic vision.”

Archbishop Martin said “The question now arises: where do we go forward now in the challenge of renewing the faith we carry in our own hearts and renewing the life of the Church?”

Parishes have been asked to begin this reflection around in the period of the Feast of Saint Laurence O’Toole.  The feast of Saint Laurence O’Toole, Patron Saint of the Archdiocese, is on November 14th.


•  Further Information: Annette O Donnell, Director of Communications, Archdiocese of Dublin, 01 8360723.

•  Archbishop Martin’s homily from Mass in St. Mary’s Pro Cathedral yesterday (September 2nd) is available here: dublindiocese.ie/reflections-on-the-visit-of-pope-francis/