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Press Release – Monday April 25th


New guide prepares Irish emigrants for work in Australia’s outback  


Crosscare’s Migrant Project has launched printed and on-line support resources for Irish workers in Australia, involved in the lucrative Fly-In/Fly-Out sector. The leaflet was produced by Crosscare Migrant Project and is supported by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s Emigrant Support Programme.


Fly In/Fly out (FIFO) involves workers travelling to remote mining areas to work on roster for a number of weeks then returning home for a fixed break. Work is usually related to construction. It is most common in Western Australia and Queensland. In recent years, Irish construction workers have been among the groups of people going to Australia to undertake FIFO work. The work is attractive and rewarding as it can be well paid.  However, workers who are not well prepared can find it challenging, often affecting their mental wellbeing and family relationships.


This information campaign from Crosscare is aimed as supporting and informing those workers to help them cope with the FIFO environment. It is based on findings from research in Australia which has shown that FIFO work can have negative impact on the lives and health of some workers and on campaigns by authorities and support organisations to promote a healthy FIFO lifestyle.


Sarah Owen, Irish Abroad Networking Officer with Crosscare Migrant Project said, “Through our work with Irish organisations in Australia, we became aware of emerging health and welfare concerns among a number of FIFO workers and the growing numbers of Irish workers opting to work in the sector.  It is evident that some FIFO workers experience some challenges that can negatively impact on their lives and we wanted to help prepare Irish workers in Australia with advice on options and support available to ensure they have the best experience they can in FIFO work.”


Simultaneously, a more detailed report, ‘Challenges for FIFO workers in Australia’, is being released on the website alongside the leaflet to inform Irish organisations in Australia working with Irish emigrants considering working or currently working in the FIFO sector.

The leaflet and contacts for support organisations in Australia are available at:





 Crosscare Migrant Project is a project of Crosscare, the social support agency of the Dublin Archdiocese.

Crosscare Migrant Project is a Dublin based non-governmental organisation funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Emigrant Support Programme to work with intending and returning Irish emigrants.

The focus of Crosscare Migrant Project’s direct information and advocacy work is with those who are marginalised. For returning emigrants, Crosscare Migrant Project helps people to access statutory supports, apply for social welfare payments and place appeals on refusals if necessary. For intending emigrants Crosscare Migrant Project provide a general overview of visa systems for popular destination countries, as well as pre-departure information and referrals to Irish support organisations abroad.

Crosscare Migrant Project’s leaflet and report can be accessed at this link:

Find Crosscare Migrant Project on Twitter @irishmigrants, or on Facebook at


For more information contact:

Ireland – Danielle Mc Laughlin, Policy Officer with Crosscare Migrant Project (  , Tel: 01 873 2844)

Australia – Sarah Owen, Irish Abroad Networking Officer with Crosscare Migrant Project (, Mobile: + 353 87 096 9089)