Looking forward in Finglas West

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Finglas West Parish looks forward with “Joy & Anticipation


The Parishioners of Finglas West are looking forward to a new future for their Parish, starting today, when Archbishop Diarmuid Martin celebrates Mass for the last time in one of the largest Churches in the Diocese (Sunday 7th)

The Church of the Annunciation in Finglas West is to close. A huge physical landmark in the community for over half a century, it will be replaced with a new, fit for purpose Parish Church. There are also plans to construct a new Pastoral Centre, which will be a tremendous resource for the local parish community with prayer spaces, meeting rooms, offices and a cafe.

One of the more important aspects of the new Finglas Parish Church project is that land will become available which will allow for housing for elderly people to be developed on the site.

The Church of the Annunciation is over 50 years old. It had been falling into disrepair for many years and upkeep of the enormous building was proving impossible for the parish to sustain.

Led by Parish Priest Fr. Eamon Cahill, a consultation process with parishioners, carried out over the last number of years concluded that a new, smaller, modern Church and pastoral centre would be the best option to accommodate the changing needs of the parish for the years ahead. With the support of the Diocese and in consultation with Dublin City Council, the Parish endorsed proposals to demolish the larger Church and redevelop the site in a manner, which will sustain the local Catholic Community well into the future.

Over 100 local children are baptised in Finglas West every year. As work begins on the new Parish Project, interim arrangements will see Baptisms will take place in St. Finian’s Oratory in the nearby Parish of Rivermount. Weddings and funerals will take place in St. Canice’s Church in Finglas village and weekly Masses will be held in St. Fergal’s School Hall in Finglas West.

In a message to parishioners Fr. Cahill said “On behalf of myself and the Parish Team, we would like to take this opportunity to welcome you all here today as we celebrate this very poignant occasion. Today is a celebration. A celebration of our Parish as we embark on challenging times ahead.

We, as a Parish, are undergoing change. We have challenges to face, decisions to make and new paths to find. The history and many traditions of our parish, give us courage to recreate and to journey together, with confidence in each other and in the Lord.

This present Church has served the Parish well. Imagine, when first built it was almost too small. People came early to Mass to get a seat! Now, for structural, maintenance and size reasons, it has to be replaced with a smaller Church. Our new Church will house our Parish Office, Sacristy and a Pastoral Centre.

Whilst some might think of today as being a sad day, in some ways maybe it is. However, we need to look forward with a sense of joy and anticipation of what the future will hold for us. We are very lucky that Finglas West has such a strong sense of community spirit. The people make a Parish.

We give thanks for those who have gone before us. What a legacy, what a gift they have left us! May we not be found wanting in our vision, our energy and our faith.”

“Annunciation” is our mission. Like Mary, we receive the joyful message of the Angel – Christ lives among us and we carry him in our hearts to others. We have Good News.”