Invitation to choirs to participate in IEC2012

Invitation to choirs to participate in IEC2012

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Last week I was appointed to co-ordinate the participation of choirs and music groups in IEC2012. I would be very grateful if you could pass this information to the music leaders in your parish.

How can your choir/music group participate?

We would like to invite Choirs/Music Groups to participate in the main liturgical celebrations of the week (10-16 June) in the R.D.S. as members of the Pilgrim Choir. This Pilgrim Choir will be divided into groups and will be seated in designated areas throughout the R.D.S. Arena under the direction of a conductor. Because there are musicians engaged to accompany the liturgies it will not be possible to accommodate individual instrumentalists for these liturgies.  If your Choir/Music Group is interested in taking part in the Congress in this way the Directors are invited to register as a group no later than 4 April 2012 (you can book for 7 days, 3 days or 1 day).  Book Online on the Congress website

What will happen next?

Your Choir/Music Group will start learning the repertoire of the particular day (s) which is available on the Congress website (  In addition the members who have booked will receive a copy of the Pilgrim Choir Book which is in preparation at the moment at the first regional rehearsal of the Pilgrim Choir. The date and location of the regional rehearsals will be sent to Music Directors as soon as possible once the registration information has been collated.

During the Eucharistic Congress week, there will be another rehearsal on the day that your Choir/Music Group is involved.  You will be provided with the relevant information on where to go, what to do and, most importantly, how to enjoy and to maximise this unique experience.

Musical Participation in the Statio Orbis at Croke Park – 17 June 2012

All those who register for 3 consecutive days of the Congress are entitled to a ticket for the Statio Orbis. Tickets are also distributed throughout the Dioceses of Ireland on a proportional basis. However to help realise the goal of congregational participation we will have a Croke Park Pilgrim Choir divided into groups and seated in designated areas throughout Croke Park under the direction of a conductor. The Congress Office has allocated (a substantial but limited number of tickets) for this Croke Park Pilgrim Choir and they can be booked and paid for as follows:

  • Request a booking spreadsheet from Germaine Carlos at
  • Complete and return the booking spreadsheet to
  • When the tickets are allocated you will be invited to send a cheque to cover the total amount for your choir(€10 per person), made payable to IEC2012, to 50th International Eucharistic Congress, at Sandymount Building, RDS, Simmonscourt Road, Dublin 4.

Rehearsals for the Statio Orbis will be incorporated into regional rehearsals mentioned above.

I look forward to hearing from your diocese

Ms Germaine Carlos

Co-ordinator of Choirs for IEC 2012 – 086 1973774  E-mail: