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We approach the days of Jesus’ life-giving death and resurrection and the liturgy offers an immensely rich selection of readings and reflections.


Palm Sunday

Here you have four pages (not five) on the Palm Sunday readings. The fifth page on liturgy is included in the other document.


Holy Week and the Triduum

These notes begin with the OT readings from Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of Holy Week. They go on to look at all the readings of the Triduum. Its a lot of material and I’ve laid it out with headings and colours so you can easily get to the bit you need.

Could I draw your attention to two things?

Holy Thursday: the understanding of the Passover from the Mishnah (in bold, boxed on the first page) is very helpful for understanding the Christian sense of memorial / anamnesis, so central to our liturgy.

Easter Vigil: whichever OT readings you choose, may I encourage you to introduce each one, perhaps with a word about its original sense and its meaning in the liturgy of Easter. The notes should be of some help (I hope!).


Preaching Salvation

If anyone is looking for alternative ways of looking at salvation / redemption there are notes on the same at


Easter Sunday

A separate e-mail next Monday will include material on the readings for Easter Sunday. These are already up on if you need to glance ahead.


St Saviour in Chora

The notes conclude with a brief reflection on a stupendous fresco of the resurrection to be found in Constantinople. The explanations are brief; the best reflection is the second reading from the Office of Readings for Holy Saturday.